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Selena Textile in Istanbul in 1990 by Hasan Uymaz was activated . Selena Textile, duygusul responsibility to love and doing a great job up until today has come .              
Textile Selena 's field of activity ; including mainly manufacture and sale of knitted fabrics , yarn, operates in the areas of trading .  Makinalarını circular knitting knitted fabrics produced in the painstaking process of quality control of the raw or dyed in Turkey's most modern dyeing and finishing facilities of International and domestic customers after the sale is made.
Selena Textiles as Germany, Holland, Italy, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria. Russia, France, Israel, Serbia , Croatia and Slovenia as well as exports to countries beyond fulfilling our every day of our market share expansion are great ;
Selena Textile, quality products , timely delivery of appropriate priced and most importantly, he is committed to customer satisfaction .

Selena Tekstil
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